lrc (lrc) wrote in legitracing,

Anyone else with a Spec Miata?

I'm fairly new to Live Journal. After about 8 years of mostly just teaching rather than racing, I'm finally building another racecar.My MGB-GT is just too expensive to crash, and besides it's not competitive in any class.

I'm building a Miata up as a spec miata. I'm starting out with it as a street car, legal and everything, just so I can get as much debugged as possible before dragging it to the track. I just got it on the road last weekend. With luck, I'll install the suspension next weekend. If there are any other racers near Santa Cruz California, I'd love some help.

My background: I first drove on the track at Bondurant, at Sears Point, in November of '86. In March of '88 I got my SCCA license and raced, mostly in IT, until I ran out of money in '95. I've been teaching, mostly with NASA since about 1989. One of my current projects is the textbook for NASA, which I originally wrote in about '93, and am working on the new revision.

I also moderate the raceteachers group on yahoogroups. A discussion forum for people who teach performance driving and riding.
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