redcell (redcell6132) wrote in legitracing,

Automatic Tranny

Has anyone been away from driving a manual transmission for so long that they've lost their edge when they return to track driving? I'm asking because if I do end up getting rid of my car I'd be driving an auto and I don't know how long that would be. I'm just curious if you could get back to it like riding a bike or will it be something that you'll have to relearn almost. I'm not talking about normally driving MT either. I'm talking about in a race situation, just to clear that up.
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How long away from stick are we talking about? And why are you thinking of getting rid of your car?

I've been away for as long as a year without any real trouble. Mind you, evey time I'm away from stick for a significant period of time, I don't relaly do anything but curse the damned torque converter. You will have to re-learn some muscle reflexes, but it isn't that big a deal.

That said, I'm taking a hiatus from fully manual transmissions with my ordered M3. SMG impressed me so much on the test drive that I decided to give up the third pedal. At least until I get around to picking up a dedicated fun car.
Maybe a year, or more, but I'd be going back to MT once in a while. It will definetly not be anything near the amount of time I've put in recently.

I was just at a BMW place and tested an M3. I definetly love the SMG but I was afraid it'd turn out like other semi-automatics that I've driven. My problem with those was that they shifted for me and took the fun out of driving the car. I know the SMG doesn't apply in this situation because it's more like a real F1 than a lot of the other systems, but I didn't want to loose the sensation I had of being so involved with the car.

I don't want to get rid of my car, but it's attracting all the wrong types of attention. My parents suggested I get something more professional since I'll be seen driving it for work. They have connections with some MB people so they're really leaning that way. It's sad really, but I wouldn't mind so much if it was an SLK. Anyway, we'll see, nothing is set in stone. I was worried about worst case scenerio: I don't have MT for an extended period of time and nothing to track. :(
Now I'm curious, what kind of car is attracting all this attention?

Good luck in your car choice... Just remember, the C Class and the SLK are available with real transmissions. Those might be worthwhile considerations if you end up with an MB.

I'll confess that at least part of the reason I'm going with SMG is that I literally shredded my left knee. I'll endure some pain to avoid an automatic, but with SMG available, it just makes me wonder why I bother? The process of shifting doesn't thrill me nearly as much as it used to. I hate torque converters, but I'm not in love with the third pedal, either.
specifically, the SLK 55 AMG (don't know how well that will work out just yet). it won't be all my car though. that's the problem. currently i'm drivng an evo viii and my father doesn't think it's a very professional ride for a law intern.

the reason i might get rid of it has to do with other people driving my car. when my father drives it he has knee issues, which really irritate him. but he shouldn't be driving my car in the first place ;)

but if i get it my mom would be the other person driving the car. she won't be the primary driver, seeing as how she doesn't drive much anyway, but she's an influencial factor in the buy.

the c-class is not an option for me. first off, i don't like it at all. it's mb's way of making money and not a true mb, imo. i'm trying to convince my dad of going the m3 route or similar. but like i said, it's still up in the air.
The onle people who I coudl seriously tell that they've lost their edge is when they've been away for like 3+ years or so, or just don't have the best muscle coordination to begin with.

It's always easier to relearn muscle movement than to learn it for the first time. You'll have no problem dealing with it.