redcell (redcell6132) wrote in legitracing,

rookie driver on the track....

hey guys, just found this community i figured it'd be perfect for me since i race 125cc shifter karts. i've been doing it on and off recently because of school and lots of stuff like that. i used to race karts a lot when i was younger. recently i've been working on getting my SCCA license. as soon as i'll have time i plan to go to the Panoz School or Bondurant. i don't know how useful it will be for me (even though if you have an SCCA license in Europe and you buy an M3 CSL they'll remove the speed limiter for you at no charge) since i'll be joining the Navy in a year or two. i absolutely love f1 racing, and am a big, very big, JPM fan, along with bmw williams. i'm big on motogp too, i have a yamaha r6 that i race when i have the chance too, not competitively, just for fun.
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