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Santa Cruz Area Race Enthusiasts
The last Tuesday of the month
7PM - whenever.
Next meeting at Charlie O's, Feb 24, 2004

Years ago I used to instigate a monthly "beer and benchracing" social
get together in the Santa Cruz mountains. I called it SCARE, Santa
Cruz Area Race Enthusiasts. The tagline was "No dues, No don'ts just
beer and benchracing". I've decided to try to start it up again as
there are a lot of racers and motorheads in the Santa Cruz area.

I haven't worked out all of the details yet, but my inclination would
be to have it in Scotts Valley on the last Tuesday of the
month. Meet at 7PM which should be late enough for the folks
who work "over the hill" and still early enough for dinner. I haven't
picked a place yet, I'm open for, actually soliciting,
suggestions. I'm leaning towards someplace in Scotts Valley. I'd like
decent food, not too pricey, preferably with decent beer available,
and quiet enough that people can talk.

I've decided to hold the first one at Charlie O's. It is in the King's
Village shopping center, behind Nob Hill and the movie theater on
Mt. Hermon Road. They've got decent food, a bar, and a pool hall

For the purposes of this group, "Santa Cruz Area" is anyone close
enough to to join us, whether you're riding from Felton or
Fresno. Race Enthusiast is defined as anyone who would want to meet a
bunch of racers for dinner, beer and/or socializing. I don't care if
your preference is two wheels, four wheels, hulls or wings, asphalt,
dirt, water or air.

I'll try to keep up to date with the

In other racing related news, I'm racing again. I'm sharing my Spec
Miata with a couple of friends. Under the
banner of "Team Otter". At the first NASA race weekend of the year, I
took home third place (out of five or six cars) both days. Primarily
by virtue of not crashing or breaking the car. Between SCCA and NASA
we are looking at two or three race weekends every month, and we can
use a lot of help with the car, either in the shop or at the track.
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